Yamaha TRBX174 BL 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

Electric Bass guitars are available in a wide range and people have the option to select based on their budgets. Yamaha is one of the popular brands that is known for their collection of guitars. The range is inclusive of both budget friendly choices as well as premium quality electric guitars. Known for its great sound and affordable pricing, the can be a great choice. Speaking of good electric bass guitars, it is really important to choose an option that suits your personality and the style you prefer. Besides that, there are a number of other things that has to be talked about when it comes to choosing a good bass guitar. The product is available in 5 variations namely: Agathis Body Basswood Body Exotic Wood Top Mahogany Body TRBX Premium Speaking about the strings, it is available in 4 and 5 string variants. In terms of dimensions, it measures 17.91 x 47.83 x 3.74 inches. The total weight is merely 12.2 pounds making it a light weight product. Features The basic features of the Yamaha TRBX174 BL-4 have been summarized below: Available in different woods and string options Available in 5 wood options, the electric bass guitar is inspired by active and passive designs. For instance, the mahogany helps in producing warmer as well as punchier tones. The Agathis body can help in producing brighter sounds. Similarly, going for the basswood body will be great if you are searching for something that is light to hold. Vintage Look with a modern feel These electric guitars are inspired by vintage designs but blends in features that gives it a modern touch. Holding one of these beauties and playing your favorite tunes would be a pleasure. You can keep on using the strings for long sessions as these are built from exceptional materials and are pretty comfortable to hold as well. Single Coil Having a single coil, these are classic bass pickups that are both simple and nice. Coming with a single coil and a magnet, it can produce some exceptional bright sounds. It is perfect for those who do not prefer the Humbuckers that produce fatter sounds that sound muddier at high volumes. It would also help in cancelling the background noise and interference. Control Knobs It comes with 3 knobs i.e. one volume knows for neck pickups, one for bridge pickup and the last knob that affects the tone. These three are pretty easy to use facilitating the beginners to quickly learn and start playing the guitar to the best of their ability. Pros Comes with an individual adjustable bridge system Is available in 5 different variations and 2 string options Lightweight and made from exceptional grade materials Single Coil helps in producing bright sounds Body is made from Mahogany wood that helps in producing soothing sounds Affordable pricing Integrates vintage style with a modern feel Comes with free shipping Can offer tough fight to some of the most expensive guitars Cons It is not a full-scale bass Only […] #BestElectricBassGuitar