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How to EQ a Bass Guitar to Obtain that Cleaner, Smoother,and Better Sound

Music is the greatest form of art there is. It helps us express our thoughts, creativity, and individuality. It has also helped us connect with other people from different parts of the world and has been dubbed as the “universal language”. For example, you can meet people who has the same music taste as you and because of this you will be able to have a sort of bond. Music has been there during our celebrations, extremely long car rides, and even our heartaches. It is timeless which has been here for centuries and the music that was created back then are still being listened to up until now. Surely, the music from before has changed quite a lot to what we have today. This is due to the advancement of technology which has helped us produce more advanced musical instruments and tools to enhance them. It is not as simple as having just one instrument and playing it all by itself anymore. The use of technology to music has helped it produce sound that are smoother and cleaner. There is even a tool called the “auto-tune” which is being used by artists. It helps create a vocal effect that supports singers that are not always in tune to be always on point. This has brought both positive and negative effects in the music industry. Equalizing a Bass Guitar Thanks to science and technology, there is now a way for us to improve the sound of our musical instruments. One of these is the use of an equalizer. Before I discuss how to equalize a bass guitar, we should try to understand what an equalizer is and what its use is. An equalizer is used to balance the sound’s frequency with the use of an electronic signal. It is being adjusted in order for the instruments to give out a cleaner and smoother sound. Equalizers are mostly used during live performances, studio recordings, and in amplifiers. Among all of the other instruments there is, one of the trickiest sound to nail is the bass. It can get quite hard to find the perfect sound for bass guitars. Dealing with low end sounds can be made easy with the use of an EQ. If you are not very familiar with the process, then it might take you a little longer to hear whether the sound is on point or not. Here are a few tips on how you can nail equalizing your bass: Use headphones instead of speakers Before you start, it is important that you get to hear the sound as precisely as you can. With the use of headphones, it will be easier for you to hear each frequency. This is also helpful if you are equalizing in an area that is not really secluded so you will be able to cancel out unnecessary sounds. Filter delicately The purpose of having a bass is because of the thick sound that it produces. Filtering out unnecessary frequency is great. You […] #BassGuitarAdvice