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Review of Dean Custom Zone Bass Guitar

If you have set your sights on becoming a hardcore rock bassist, then the Dean Custom Zone Bass Guitar will stand you in good stead. Dean Guitars have a reputation of creating fretted string instruments that are very lightweight with fretboards that are super tight and fast. This will be an invaluable addition to your bass collection owing to its robust construction, excellent craftsmanship, and high aesthetic appeal. Both pro and amateur bassists will warm to the Custom Zone because of its immaculate ‘precision bass’ contour. The double cutaway-styled body carved out of basswood and alder-varieties of softwoods makes it convenient for the guitarist to handle the instrument without compromising on tonal quality. The headboard, 34-inch neck, and the fretboard have been chiseled out of Maplewood that makes it easy for the user to wave the guitar around. The block inlays are jet black that makes the 20 frets remarkably distinguishable. The black hardware seems to perfectly contrast with the luminous green of the bridge and the fretboard. It’ll take some doing before you can set the intonation range according to your convenience and once you’ve fine-tuned it, you can expect a pickup that’ll simply be pleasant and tuneful. Salient Features The Dean Custom Zone Bass owes its origins to the celebrated Zone bass that was a sensation in the eighties. You get a real kick out of playing the bass in its state-of-the-art avatar as the instrument allows customized tuning for a solid pickup and is also remarkably tactile. You can use this bass for practicing, jamming, recording, and giving electrifying performances in rock concerts and small venues. Following are some of the salient features of the Custom Zone Bass that makes it a real humdinger:- Precision bass profile Double cutaway construction Hardtail bridge Master volume control Master tone control knobs Bolt-on neck joints Middle Pickup Type: P Pickup Total number of frets: 20 All hardware have a jet black color tone Features a ‘Series Standard’ neck outline Body shaped out of alder and basswood contributing towards making the instrument lightweight Neck and fingerboard/fretboard fabricated from maple The black fingerboard inlays have a rectangular outline Standardized hardtail bridge with four strings wired into a blackish plating Single pickup at the front categorized under the Dean Guitars’ Edge and Zone series On one side of the headstock there are a total of 4 black die-casted tuning pegs Pros The build quality is very much above par as the entire musical instrument has been chipped out of premium grade of lightwoods: guaranteed to last long Lightness of the bass enables to guitarist to wave and flail it around giving him or her full leeway to strum Super flexible fingerboard comes in handy for setting intonation as per your preference Bass level is good, the lows are somewhat guttural and the highs are hard-hitting Can be synced perfectly with the effect loop (FX loop) of an electric guitar’s headstock for tweaking the preamps and the equalizers resulting in some immersive sound effects […] #BestElectricBassGuitar