The Epiphone “Toby” Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar Review

The Epiphone “Toby” Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar is a result of the collaboration of the teams at Epiphone and Tobias. Their main aim when they introduced this instrument was to reintroduce the sophisticated Toby Standard IV. The design of this instrument is inspired by the original designs of Michael Tobias, hence the nickname ‘Toby’. The instrument is also designed with the intention of bringing innovation to bassists looking for an instrument that allows them to play modern tunes. The body shape is designed in a way that will enhance the comfort of the player. The is equipped with an adjustable bridge which is low profile. It is equipped with a length scale of 34 inches. The instrument is designed for easy adjustment, thanks to a neck profile equipped with recessed bolts and washers. The neck is also designed to be thinner on its lower side than it is on the upper end. This allows for enhanced hand comfort. Even though the neck ends tend to feel thinner, this does not compromise the overall strength and stability of the instrument that allows it to produce a deep rich tone. Features The Toby Standard IV takes after all other Epiphone instruments when it comes to well-made hardware such as the die-cast machine heads that allow for tuning stability. It also has a flush mounted bridge that is fully adjustable. Other features you will find in this guitar include the following; An asymmetrical neck designed to offer comfort Scale length of 34 inches Single coil pickups at both the neck and bridge areas Equipped with the Tobias TBR Dual Rail Humbucker on its neck and bridge Equipped with controls that include the treble cut, bass cut, master volume, pickup blend which comes with a center detent 4 strings Product dimensions are 17 x 44 x 5 inches Neck is made from hard maple Pros Even though this is not an original Tobias it is associated with them and you can feel it when you hold the product For this price range, it’s good that you are getting a product even remotely associated with the Tobias brand The guitar is lightweight making it suitable for someone who wants to use it while traveling Has a wide variety when it comes to the tone Think neck which makes is easy to play even for people with small hands Cons Noisy pickups Comes with a slight buzz on the frets which you should get attended to by someone who knows what they are doing Needs some work to set up, also ensure you get someone who knows their way around this kind of instrument to do the initial setup Summary Before anyone makes the mistake and starts complaining that they have been misled, let’s get one thing out of the way. This bass guitar is not an original Tobias product as you can see from the name on the packaging. An original product would certainly cost a lot more than this product is going […] #BestElectricBassGuitar