Bass Guitar Songs to Teach You the Instrument

Someone who has never played bass guitar will find it difficult to believe that this is an easy instrument to learn. If you come to think of it, you will notice that almost every band worth mentioning, and some not so worthy, has a song that includes some kick ass bass lines. What makes these lines easy for someone looking to learn is that they are not usually designed to lead the band, but rather to play a supportive role. So, you do not have to worry about messing up the song while you learn.There are various ways by which you can learn to play the bass guitar. You can go to school and spend money and months learning or buy a book and teach yourself over time.If you do not have all the time for that, you can find some of the bass guitar songs we suggest here and learn as you go. We think the last way if the one that will give you more fun without costing you lots of money and time.Mix Learning MethodsBefore we go further, let’s clarify something. We are not suggesting that you should rely on learning the bass guitar just by playing songs. This will limit you.If you just learn the songs, you may be able to play those songs well but the problem is that you will not develop fully past those songs. Songs should be used together with other methods of learning such as through a good instructor.Using other methods of learning will teach you a lot more from the song. You learn more about both the instrument and the music behind the instrument.Songs can help you to understand other aspects of the music such as how the song uses rhythm and how the notes on the song are laid out. If you learn the various concepts from a song, you will soon be able to create your own songs and baseline using your guitar.The Best Guitar Songs to Learn FromIn selecting the easiest songs you can use to learn the bass guitar, we wanted to mix them in a way that they represent different genres.Can’t Stop By Red Hot Chili PeppersThis song by the Red Hot Chili Pipers is a classic. Many people will be intimidated by the fact that this song involves slap bass playing.What we can tell you is that you will be able to learn it even if you have no idea how to slap. The trick when using this song to learn how to play the bass guitar is to remember to take things slow. You can check out the video of this song on YouTube and start learning today.Billie Jean by Michael JacksonThere are a number of songs by Michael Jackson that you can use to learn how to play bass guitar. Two songs come to mind; Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean. Billie Jean is slightly difficult to learn but you will love the challenge. Just look at Michael Jackson in this song and […] #BassGuitarAdvice